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Labour Market Information

LMI For All is excellent with a useful quiz and easy to understand.

Payscale is great at showing the average salary for careers and has a comparison tool for areas and experience. It is also useful for helping students see what their skills are worth.

Click here to read the latest LMI looking at the fastest growing demand for lower Skilled Jobs & which skills have seen the biggest percentage growth throughout this year.

Office for National Statistics releases a monthly Labour Market Overview.

EMSI UK have a wealth of information on Labour Market trends. It can be quite data heavy but they have some webinars which may help understanding.

Check out our Videos page for some videos to help you understand what Labour Market Information is

21 Top Jobs of the Future (Updated September 2021, by the Career Writers Association with sources from the ONS)

Use the widgets below to find out information and compare different careers. Please note this is best viewed on a larger screen, and is third party information not affiliated to SBL.