Useful Websites

There is so much information out there to help inform you and each section on our website has many links to different sites. Alongside Unifrog we have found the following to be useful. Please note this is not an exhaustive or definitive list.


SBL Academy is proud to be a SUPERUSER of Careerpilot as it is a brilliant and free website for students and parents/ carers.

Careerpilot is aimed at 11 to 19 year olds, and includes:

They also have a specific section for parents/ carers to aid you in helping your child with their decisions.

Success at School

Success at School is an exhaustive guide to everything careers related.

Within their site you can find, amongst others, the following useful pages

  1. How to develop skills
  2. Information about apprenticeships
  3. Advice from people in the industry
  4. Industry and sector information
  5. Subject-specific information

National Careers Service

The National Careers Service is a Government run site which has lots of useful information, including a skills assessment and advice on looking for jobs.

Other Careers Sites

Interested in a career in the NHS and Healthcare? Click here

Interested in a career in the Armed forces? There is the Army, RAF and Royal Navy to consider.

The CITB site covers everything construction related.

Careersbox is a site made up purely of short videos relating to careers.

Careermap has hundreds of graduate and apprenticeship jobs. It also has an interesting magazine which you can read online or subscribe to.

Monster has a wealth of information relating to CV’s, cover letters and interview tips and techniques.

Employability skills are covered here

Vocational qualifications are increasing in range and are also more appropriate for some students. Find out more about them here

The icould site has a great personality quiz which lets you see which animal you are and which careers may be best suited to you.